Champion Pictures
Jan 9
Emerald Marquis 71.5
Blessed Sacrament 67.6

Jan 16
Emerald Marquis 72.8
St Anns 71.4

Jan 30
Emerald Marquis 74.4
St Anns 70.5
Blessed Sacrament 69.0

Feb 6
Emerald Marquis 79.4
St Anns 75.5
Patriots 72.0
Blessed Sacrament 72.0

Feb 7
Emerald Marquis 83.2
St Anns 79.3
Patriots 75.8
Blessed Sacrament 74.3

Feb 27
Emerald Marquis 86.7
St Anns 83.8
Blessed Sacrament 80.5

Mar 13
Emerald Marquis 88.9
St Anns 86.4
Blessed Sacrament 83.3

Mar 20
Emerald Marquis 91.4
St Anns 87.6
Patriots 86.5
Blessed Sacrament 83.4
Just Class 80.1

Mar 21
Emerald Marquis 94.3
St Anns 89.4
Patriots 88.9
Blessed Sacrament 84.6
Just Class 80.6

Apr 10
Emerald Marquis 96.7
St Anns 93.4
Blessed Sacrament 91.1

Independent World Class Prelims - UD Arena
Saturday - April 17, 1999

St. Ann's - 91.90 (6)
Fantasia - 96.30 (2)
Emerald Marquis - 97.90 (1)
Shaktai Performance Co - 92.25 (5)
San Jose Raiders World - 93.80 (4)
Pride of Cincinnati - 95.40 (3)
Patriots Color Guard - 89.90 (7)
Chimeras Winter Guard - 89.50 (8)
Alliance of Miami - 89.25 (9)
Blessed Sacrament - 89.05 (10)
The Company - 87.50 (12)
Adagio - 81.65 (17)
R2 Performance Group - 85.45 (13)
Solution Performance Ensemble - 83.45 (15)
Just Class - 83.35 (16)
Every-Body - 85.20 (14)
Aimachi - 88.75 (11)

World Class Finals - UD Arena
Sunday - April 18, 1999

Adagio - 81.00 (17)
Just Class - 82.10 (16)
Solution Perf - 82.45 (15)
Every-Body - 83.40 (14)
R2 Performance - 86.15 (13)
The Company - 88.25 (12)
Aimachi - 88.50 (10)
Blessed Sacrament - 88.35 (11)
Alliance of Miami - 88.60 (9)
Chimeras - 91.70 (7)
Patriots - 88.85 (8)
St. Ann's - 92.50 (6)
Shaktai - 92.70 (5)
San Jose Raiders - 95.15 (4)
Pride - 95.90 (3)
Fantasia - 98.15 (2)
Emerald Marquis - 98.40 (1)

Perseverance Pays Off
For Emerald Marquis

by Michael Boo

It was said by Charles Haddon Spurgeon, "By perseverance the snail reached the ark." There must have been times when Emerald Marquis (Wakefield, MA) (1st place, 98.4) felt like that snail; having been an Independent World Class medalist at each of the eight previous WGI World Championships, and runner-up six of those years.

This year, the guard crossed the great divide that had separated them from the top spot for all those years, claiming their spot on the ark by winning the 1999 WGI Independent World Finals held at the University of Dayton Arena on April 18, 1999.

Swirling over a floor painted to resemble some great cosmic yellow and orange supernova, with matching silks, the guard stunningly mixed abstract body movement with readable forms to create an encouraging statement of glorious proportions, lifting the spirits with an acclamation of the best humanity has to offer. Granted, everyone in attendance probably took away something different from the show, but all would likely admit it just plain felt good to watch the magnificence unfold.

From the early huge effect of covering the whole floor in a flag block, with the silks spinning barely over the floor, to the appearance of the guard practically throwing members to the front in a final celebration of unbridled euphoria, wave after wave of layered effects ebbed back and flowed forth to illustrate the narcotic invigoration of John Adams' On the Great Divide. When it was over, one knew that art had been redefined, that art had merged with beauty and innovation to push the activity to a new high.

Upon the conclusion of Finals, guard director Dale Powers expressed his thoughts on Emerald Marquis' long road to the pinnacle. "I and the guard have been at this for eighteen years. Much of the staff has been here for many, many of those years. Coming in second all those years didn't bother me because it's not about winning; it's about kids and performing. It's about giving them a vehicle and seeing how far they can go with it."

It would seem that the guard went to the edge of the cosmos, and perhaps even a little beyond.

Extracted from the 1999 Focus article on the entire Independent World Finals

Karen Duggan
Color Guard Performer
of the Year

Emerald Marquis
Field & Floor's 1999
Guard of the Year

Well from the beginning I would have never thought this was going to be the year. We had a lot of kids and stuff but they were movers more than spinners and that caused the show to go together slow. On January 1st we had 2 1/2 minutes done and that was the first day we had all 29 kids together. What was special about this guard was once the season hit they seemed to be on a mission and just kept working harder and harder. Each week you could see them get a little more of the show. By the Boston regional I knew it was going to be a special show.

My Fondest Memory?
The two shows they did at the PA regional. They were very good in prelims and great in finals. I think that helped spread the word that they were for real.

Christa Ferguson
WGI Volunteer
of the Year

One week after returning home from Dayton, the 1999 Emerald Marquis celebrated their championship season with their annual awards banquet at Seaside by the Beach restaurant in Revere MA. The guard graduated 9 members into the alumni ranks. This years graduates were. Rick Subel, Rob Strain, Kevin Renberg, Holly Hallowell, Faith Lorenze, Kamaka Clark, Karen Duggan, Gina Parlovechicco, and Aimee Daum. In addition, the guard awarded 5-Year membership awards to Bridget Holleran and Rick Subel who both came to the guard in 1995.

The guard also gives out 4 awards annually. The 1999 winners were.

Rookie of the year: Holly Hallowell
Most improved Rookie: Kamaka Clark
Most improved Veteran: Sabrina Smith
Member of the year: Rick Subel

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