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1998 Guard 1998 Guard 1998 Guard
Bridget Holleran Lynn Plankis Aimee Daum
Emerald Marquis Emerald Marquis
Tracy & AmyBridget & Amy

What a wonderful year this was. From the beginning this show went together real well. The staff knew from the get go what the show was and the concept just fell together great. The design team used a combination of "The Golden Rule" and "The Fibanachi (?) Theory" as a motivation and the show just grew and grew. The rookie crop was super. Louis, Jackie, Faith, and Israel were some of the new kids who stepped in and had an impact as great members. We had a great group of personal performers who just ate up this show. It was all in all a great year from beginning to end.

My Fondest Memory?
We went to the Ohio regional this year. Every year we always rent drum corps buses, but this trip we got a deal and rented a maxed out bus. Rick Subel was talking to his pal Rob strain who had left the guard to march Pride. Rob saw the bus and said "What the hell is this? I leave, and the guard charters busses. I go to pride who's suppose to be rich and we sleep in armory's and take school busses". Rob came back in 1999.

Emerald Marquis

1998 WGI Final Scores

Blue Devils 98.00
Emerald Marquis 97.80
Pride 97.00
Bishop Kearney 94.20
Fantasia 94.05
Shaktai 94.00
San Jose 92.05
St. Ann's 91.70
Every-Body 89.65
Blessed Sac. 89.00
The Company 87.35
Chimeras 87.25
Les Eclipses 85.70
Alliance 85.60
Field Of View84.10
Emerald Marquis
Emerald Marquis


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