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Group Picture

Courtaney Kaiser

1997 WGI Finals

Blue Devils98.75
Emerald Marquis96.65
Alliance of Miami93.60
The Company92.55
St. Ann's92.05
San Jose Raiders90.20
Just Class86.85
Blessed Sacrament86.65
Feild of View83.75

This was a different year for us than the previous two in that we decided to go with a higher energy type of show that would be more appealing to the audience. This was the great year, a little something that excited me because we hadn't wore green since 1989. This guard was packed with talent and socially was very close. (Thanks Meredith) There were just a lot of super kids who marched this year. The show went together real well and offer the kids an opportunity to go out and just spin like crazy. We graduated 9 kids this year and lost a few others to school. This was sort of the end of an era for me. Ellen, Joanne, Courtenay, Barney, Jodi and Candace all left this year and turned the guard over to the next group, Rick, Karen, Bridget, Sabrina. Claudia etc. Kind of a sad year but a fun year from beginning to end.

My Fondest Memory?
The plane trip to Portland, OR which was the first "YAM" the member newsletter. This was a great trip and a lot of fun cause we met BD and Pride.

1997 Age Outs
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