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This was a difficult year for us in that we as a staff never really got the program right. The kids were great, and the concept of using 7 different small floors as stages was really a neat idea. Jon wrote the music this year and that allowed us to do make the music fit rather than make the visual fit. All in all it was a ground breaking year for us, we just ran out of time. I'm convinced that if we had 2 more weeks we would have finished higher as once we settled in and gave the kids the same show for a few weeks they took off.

My Fondest Memory?
This had to be either Jen Gaver falling asleep on the floor and snoring while Jon was staging or Tony getting wrapped up like a dummy with the rope during rehearsal and not being able to walk off of the floor.

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EM Picture

1996 WGI Finals

Blue Devils99.55
Blessed Sac96.15
Emerald Marquis95.35
St Ann's92.35
San Jose Raiders90.50
Fiel Of View88.30
Just Class85.70
Pride Of Cinn84.15

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