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1995 WGI Finals

Blue Devils98.80
Emerald Marquis97.15
Blessed Sac94.85
San Marino Acad93.15
Field Of View92.65
Genisis II89.70
St Patrick's89.35
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This is one of those years that you forget about until someone brings it up and then you smile and say oh yea, 1995. This was also a good year in terms of kids. We picked up a few local kids that played huge role for many years to come. Bridget Holleran, Amy Grelle, Rick Subel and Ron Strain stayed for years, and Pam, Candace and Sarah brought us an infectious excitement that showed me that chemistry is important. We used the curtains again (different color) and we did the 40's show using Einstein's Dreams as our music. Ya know in retrospect this WAS a fun show to watch. The table was a cool prop, the costumes were very member friendly, and the chair choreography at the beginning is still some of the best stuff Jim Moore ever wrote. My fondest memory?
Pam sliding off of the table at the first show and the crowd going wild for her. See she wasn't suppose to go off the table she was suppose to jump onto the table. She had never jumped onto the table in her costume and the sweater didn't grab and off she went, ..... into a summersault and onto her feet without missing a beat. When they got off the floor she said "I gather by the reaction I'm gonna have to do that every show aren't I?" And the rest is history.

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