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1993 Guard

1993 Guard

1993 Guard

1993 WGI Finals

San Jose Raiders97.30
Emerald Marquis95.65
State Street Review94.80
Blessed Sacrament92.55
Feild of View89.75
San Marino Acadamy89.25
Pride of Cinn.88.20
Alliance of Miami86.40

The 1993 Emerald Marquis color guard presents a unique approach to both audio and visual presentation. Utilizing the intricate sounds of the Kronos quartet the guard presents all four musical instruments seperately on their own stage with in the overall stage of the competitive arena.

Multiple meters and tempos are the emphasis as each instrument is presented and then blended into an overall ensemble that will enable you to see what you hear.

"1993 WGI Yearbook"

1993 Guard Kelly Burke

This was a tough year for me personally. It was a very difficulty year in terms of chemistry. This may have been the most talented guard we ever had but they never jelled. We as a staff may also have tried to hard to stay on the cutting edge, and wrote a show that at the beginning of the year was impossible to perform, never mind perfect. The year did have some good moments. We brought in Jon Vanderkolff this year. Jon brought us a different type of programming, and a whole different style of music for us to perform to. Jon's musical background opened up a whole new avenue for us. We had the blizzard in PA the weekend of the regional and got to order pizza and watch movies in the hotel for two days. Yikes.
My fondest memory? ... Had to be the guards performance at practice the Friday before prelims. They had worked their butts off for three weeks after the snowed out regional so that they wouldn't suck. They had come together for a common cause and were a machine by prelims. The guard came in second for the 3rd year in a row.
1993 Guard

1993 Emerald Marquis Jrs.

The Emerald Marquis Jrs.

1993 CYO Class C Champion

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