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Group Picture

Music: Amazing Grace by Kronos Quartet
Staff: Dale Powers, Mark Sylvester,
Denise Bonfiglio, Joel Dube,
Greg Lagola, Jim Moore
Captain: Erika Holland

WGI 1992 Finals

San Jose Raiders97.05
Emerald Marquis96.95
State Street Review94.75
Pride of Cinn.91.55
Blessed Sacrament90.45
San Marino Acadamy89.50
Chesapeke Cavaliers97.90
Blue Devils82.75
St. Ann's82.35
Field of View81.20

This is still one of my favorite guards. There was a great talent pool and a bunch of super kids besides. Tina, Michelle McKay, Michelle Marcella and April Stone were a few of the new kids that were nothing but a joy to work with. This was also the first year Jim Moore worked with us. His impact on our program will always be a big part of why we move the way we do. The show this year had no written tempo and we created it with a metronome. The program was written beautifully and people started to realize that we were bringing them something special. This show would still hold up today if it were put on the floor. The blue on blue drove a few people crazy but we really didn't want to conform. We wanted the activity to see that the word creative does not mean a new way to do an old trick, but something completely new.
My fondest memory? ... The guards performance at finals of the Ohio regional after the guard blew up at prelims. They went from 3rd to 1st.

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