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Group Picture

Music: The Jig of Life by Kate Bush,
Selections from The Waterboys
Staff: Mark Sylvester, Dale Powers,
Denise Bonfiglio, Greg Lagola,
Michael McClellan, Joel Dube
Captain: Erika Holland, Fred Bateman

WGI 1991 Finals

San Jose Raiders97.30
Emerald Marquis96.35
Blessed Sacrament94.05
Pride of Cinn.91.90
Field of View89.30
Chesapeake Cavaliers86.30
San Marino Acadamy84.30
Genesis II83.60

This was the year we did Kate Bush. Marc Sylvester staged the show and Greg stepped into a more prominent role that year. We also found a building to use as a practice site for 3 years and started a bingo. We had a lot of kids from out of state that year. KC Perkins, Rudy & Rik from VK, Adam Sage, and Matt Hurley were a few, but this was a guard that was very close. This year was definitely about chemistry and hard work. This guard worked their tail off and practiced constantly that year. We received our first medal that year and actually won prelims at WGI championships. My fondest memory? ........................Had to be the trip to Ohio for the regional in vans. The smoking van and the sand box. A close second though had to be building the "tree" props we used as back drops, in the rain behind the Dayton Arena, with Mark the day before prelims.

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