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Group Picture

Music:Selections from Candide
Staff: George Zingali, Denise Bonfiglio,
Dale Powers, Greg Lagola, Michael McClellan
Captain: Michelle MacQueen

1990 WGI Finals

San Jose Raiders97.20
Blessed Sacrament97.20
Pride of Cinn.94.25
Millers Blackhawks94.10
Emerald Marquis91.70
Blue Devils87.80
Field of View86.75
Chesapeake Cavaliers83.20
St. Ann's75.95
Dale, George, Greg & Denise

This was a very difficult year for us. we had lost our corporate sponsor and I had actually folded the guard Thanksgiving weekend. Thankfully for me the guard captain, "Minno" kept the guard together and two weeks later when we regrouped only one kid had left who chose not to return because of school. As the kids had agreed to pay more money and raise money I realized this program meant as much to them as it did me. The other important events of this year was that I brought in George Zingali who staged the show to Candide. George convinced me to bring in someone who had worked with him at the Sunrisers and Cadets. That person turned out to be someone who played a huge part in our future, Greg Lagola. The season was fun. George brought a freshness to our program that would carry over for years to come. I brought back Denise Bonfoglio this year and she has been a very large part of why we are so successful in the 90's. We went to the Pensacola, Florida regional and had the time of our life. great site, great crowd, great performance.
My fondest memory? ... This had to be watching George teach these demon equipment handlers how to role play. Until I saw it I would have never realized what I was depriving my kids of. Magic is the only way to describe him.

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