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Group Picture

Music: Selections by The Yellow Jackets, Claire∆s Song
Staff: Dale Powers, Wanda Conway, Donnie Jenness, Sadi Cummings, George Zingali
Captain: Michelle MacQueen

1989 WGI Finals

State Street Review98.40
Blessed Sacrament98.20
San Jose Raiders93.45
Pride Of Cinn92.55
Alliance of Miami90.95
27th Lancers98.70
Blue Devils95.05
Emerald Marquis88.85
Chesapeake Cavaliers83.65
Studio One81.05
Rob, Michelle & Joel
Joel Dube &
Freddie Bateman

We made one mistake this year. We tried to repeat 1988. I brought in George Zingali this year and he was the first one to tell me that we should be breaking ground instead of trying to beat our own great shows of the past. I always knew we had talent but no one had ever looked at me and told me that. This was the first year Peggy Twiggs worked with us. She and Wanda were wonderful together and brought a good flag line to great. This also was a huge guard for us. for the first time we had to deal with a lot of kids from out of state that wanted to play on our team. We were drifting from a local guard to an out of state guard in a matter of a year or two. My Fondest memory? ... Taking the members of the guard horse back riding in California (yes we went two years in a row) and seeing kids on horse back that had never gone before, in the rain, where I lost my shoes in the mud.

Horseback riding in California

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