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Group Picture

Music: Selections by Al Jerreau
Staff: Dale Powers, Lisa Ceurvels, Donnie Jenness, Sadi Cummings, Wanda Conway
Captain: Michelle (minno) MacQueen

88 Guard

1988 WGI Finals

State Street97.60
Blessed Sacrament94.05
Emerald Marquis92.85
St. Anthony's92.35
San Jose Raiders90.20
27th Lancers85.90
Studio One84.75
Final Analysis82.75
Pride of Cinn82.00
88 Guard

This was a real interesting season. We started practicing more on the north shore and were no longer in Whitman. This guard also started feeling that they could compete for a medal. We had graduated the 4 girl rifles from 1987 and only boys were at tryouts so we went with an all male rifle line. Little did we know what an impact they would have. See the guys that were there were great performers, and great rifles, and could do almost anything, ... well. This guard also had lots of friends in other guards and that made the season interesting cause for the first time we had competitors who were our friends and vise versa.
My Fondest memory? ... Well this would be a toss up between Nick splitting his head open in Virginia and finishing the show all bloody with the crowd going bonkers, or the trip to California when the guard had a great prelims performance and when they walked back into the gym to watch the Raiders they got another standing ovation. Both were great moments.
Linda & Tracy Rob guard
Linda Lewis &
Tracy Cambell
After Finals
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