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Group Picture

Music: Selections by Manhattan Transfer
Staff: Dale Powers, Tommy Keenum, Wanda Conway,
Eric Heath, Sadi Cummings, Tammy Mello
Captain: Sharon Flattich

1987 WGI Finals

State Street 96.40
Blackhawks 95.60
St. Anthony's 95.00
Blessed Sacrament 93.10
Odyssey 90.65
Adonis 89.15
Pride Of Cinn. 87.85
Guardsmen 86.30
Emerald Marquis 82.65
Admiral 82.65
Alliance Of Miami 81.65
Victoriaville 80.80
Nouveau 79.05
San Jose Raiders 77.35
Threshold 77.00
Group Picture
This was a fun year for me. We brought in Tommy Keenum to work with the guard and used music from Manhattan Transfer. We had some funny kids in that guard and this was the year that I started to realize that we had to make it fun to be here or we wouldn't attract kids. We were competing against 5 other world class finalist now and we needed to carve a niche'. This was the year of the mirrors and the dummies, ... and it was as fun as the music was to listen to.

My Fondest memory? ... Easy: We had a circuit show in Brookline, MA and one of the dummies heads got knocked off. Pugsley put his head on top of the dummy when he was dancing with it and tore the house apart. If you were there you are laughing again cause it truly was something to see.
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