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Group Picture

Music: Quiet Riot by Louie Bellison, Day of the Dreamer by Renaissance
Staff: Dale Powers, Eric Heath, Patti Stetson, Wanda Conway, Mary Lou Jennings
Captain: Sharon Flattich

1986 WGI Finals

State Street Review WI96.25
Odyssey TX96.25
Millers Blackhawks OH93.80
Royal Guardsmen NY92.25
Blessed Sacrament MA92.10
St Anthony's Imperiales MA90.55
Anthron IL 89.45
Guardsmen IL88.70
Threshold PA87.00
Avatar CA 84.10
Emerald Marquis MA 83.10
Canandaigua Academy NY83.05
Admiral Guard NY82.50
Seville FL81.75
Northwest Passage OR78.5

This was a pivotal year for us. We only had 11 kids at the first rehearsal and still only had 11 at Thanksgiving. I went to the two bands I was teaching and recruited like hell and filled the guard. To make matters worse we started competing in December that year and we were not quite as prepared as we had been the first 4 years. We had lost a lot of kids after 85. Some to age, some to school, some to careers, and others that thought we sold out the year before. We returned to jazz music and in the end we were competitive and entertaining. This was also the year that brought Michelle, (Minno), Heather, Joel and Freddie to the forefront as leaders in our program. We almost gave up, but ended up turning things around. My fondest memory ... This was our first year with Sadie Cummings and Wanda Conway as staff members. A move that helped us grow that year and over the next two as well.

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