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Music: Selections from Pirates of Penzance, & Mutiny on the Bounty
Staff: Dale Powers, Eric Heath, Denise Bonfiglio
Captain: Sue Hawes

1985 WGI Final Scores
State Street Review WI95.05
Erte Productions MA 95.05
Millers Blackhawks OH94.50
Cavaliers IL 91.95
Odyssey TX90.35
Conquest NY 88.95
Canandaigua Acadamy NY87.05
Guardsmen IL86.25
Blessed Sacrament MA86.10
Emerald Marquis MA 85.60
Velvet Knights CA 82.80
Royal Guardsmen IL 82.35
City Slickers IN 81.65
Pride Of Cincinnati OH 77.90
Avatar CA 77.50
David Arnold & Sue Hawes Emerich

WGI New England Regional

Feb. 23-24, 1985
Open Class Finals
Emerald Marquis, MA82.4
Erte Productions, MA82.1
Blessed Sacrament, MA75.6
Alliance, MA70.9
Marcus Whitman HS, NY66.8
Woonsocket, RI66.5
Threshold, PA60.1

This was a tough year for us. I made some programming decisions that ended up not being in the best interest of the guard. We did a show based on "The Pirates of Penzance", and at least early on we were very successful. In the end we finished 10th and in the eyes of many sold out in an attempt to be more successful than in 84. The show was fun, energetic, and had some great moments and very talented kids. The problem was we picked a theme show that everyone knew and were competing against Erte', who was breaking new ground in programming. My fondest memory ... David Arnold from England marched that year. He took the battle scenes a little to seriously so one day the guard all turned on him in mass and whacked the sh** out of him with their swing flags. He wasn't hurt, except his ego, and we laughed for many years.

The 1985 Emerald marquis present a musical story of the Pirates escape from jail, their sailing to sea, fun on the ship and the discovery of gold,all culminated with their recapture by the British soldiers! Special effects are now complimented with difficult body movements as well as acrobatics and theatrical involvement.

"1985 WGI Yearbook"

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