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Group Picture

Music: Numero Uno by Buddy Rich, Day of the Dreamer by Renaissance
Staff: Dale Powers, Denise Bonfiglio, Michael Dorangrichia, Jim Logan
Captains: Sue Hawes, Joyce Macqueen

84 show

1984 WGI Final Scores

Skylarks CT98.40
State Street Review WI 96.80
Royal Guardmen NY 95.10
Millers Blackhawks OH 94.80
Emerald Marquis MA 92.60
Blessed Sacrament MA 91.80
Velvet Knights CA 90.90
City Slickers IN89.80
Guardsmen IL89.50
Conquest NY 89.30
Marcus Whitman NY 88.20
Royalairs ALB 85.90
Avatar CA 84.20
Renaissance IL 83.00
Seville FL 81.80

This year I brought on Denise Bonfiglio and Michael Dorangrichia to help us out. The guard finished 5th that year and took on a much more sophisticated approach to programming. We returned to being a co-ed guard. Joel, Freddie, Billy and David all marched that year. We won our first E-Mass circuit championship that year and for the first time in our brief history I started to think this could go on for a while. This was the first year we used "Day of the Dreamer", a great piece of music by a group called Renaissance. My fondest memory... Setting up on the floor at an E-Mass show in Woonsocket, RI and not having a tape of the music, YIKES.

Rifle Line
Amy, Sue, Joel, David, Joyce, Sharon, Betty Ann, Billy
Joyce Pauline & Billy
Pauline Jarantino & Billy Jerburg Joyce McQueen

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