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CYO FInals

Music: by John Miles, Channel One Suite by Buddy Rich
Staff: Dale Powers, Jim Logan, Maureen Reardon
Captain: Sue Hawes

at Dayton
Liz, Tina, Patty, Sue, Jim Lisa, Joyce,
Moe, Sue, Jennifer, Mrs. Jennings, Ma Malette, at Dayton, OH

Michelle (Minno) and Sue LaBrecque
CYO Finals

1983 WGI Final Scores

Cavaliers IL98.38
Skylarks CT 98.12
Quasar MA 97.70
Millers Blackhawks OH 96.02
Phantom Regiment IL 95.68
Royal Guardsmen NY 92.75
Canandaigua Acadamy 92.52
State Street Review WI 91.33
Blessed Sacrament MA89.78
Marcus Whitman NY 89.57
Velvet Knights CA 88.88
Emerald Marquis MA 88.67
Buccaneers WI 85.90
Conquest NY 83.83
Top Hats PA 79.60

group shot

This was the only all girl year. We had basically the same guard from 1982 and still had a vision of just being fun to watch. The great thing about this guard was that they still didn't care about the competitive thing, just performing. We made a few mistakes that year. We competed in two circuits and traveled to 4 regionals, that was a lot. We had some interesting things happen this year. The guard got the same score 4 shows in a row, 86.9, and we stayed with St. Rita's Ritanetts of Chicago in Dayton. I remember one girl saying, "No guard is worth traveling 20 hours on a school bus". We just didn't know better. My fondest memory... Mrs. J driving our school bus on the wrong side of the NJ turnpike

From WGI New England Regional

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