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1982 Guard

Music: by John Miles, Space Shuttle by Buddy Rich, & Symphonic Soul by Henry Mancini
Staff: Dale Powers, Jim Logan, Maureen Reardon, Michael Dorangrichia.
Captain: Sue Hawes

WGI Finals Tick Sheet

1st Place Tick Sheet

Only 10 ticks...Best in caption in Open Class their first year !

Flag Line
Final Scores
1982 WGI Olympics
Nashville, Tennessee
Cavaliers IL95.76
Skylarks CT 93.36
St. Josephs Grenadiers MA 93.36
Marcus Whitman NY 92.43
NY Royal Guardsman NY 91.80
State Street Review WI 89.86
Buccaneers WI 89.73
Emerald Marquis MA 89.30
Millers Blackhawks OH 88.13
Blessed Sacrament MA 87.66
Guardsmen IL 84.6
City Slickers IN 83.06
Northstars NY 81.26
Accents WI 79.23
Conquest NY 79.03
Rifle Line
Sabre Line

The first Emerald Marquis show schedule
This was the first year. I had no idea we would last as long as we have, but my thought was to start a program that would offer girls and boys an opportunity to march. Whitman, MA was our home those first few years. We practiced 3 times a week and had 21 kids without winter guard experience that first year. What we had was lots of drum corps kids who worked their tail off. We had some funny moments that year. Liz will forever be in our minds as the kid who kept us all laughing. She was the one who convinced me that chemistry is more important than talent. Bake sales, Raffle tickets, van rentals, over budget, ...and I would do it all over again. My fondest memory... Beating Holly Hawks and the Skylarks.

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