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Did you know that the Emerald Marquis had their own building from Sept. 1990 - January 1993. The building was donated to the guard while the owner tried to sell the building.

Did you know that the 2000 guard has a total of 10 members who commute from CT, NY, NJ, and PA.

Did you know that the Emerald Marquis competed in 14 different states during their 20 years.

Did you know that staff member Denise Bonfiglio taught the color guard of both the Cadets and the Star of Indiana in 1993. The 2 corps finished 1st and 2nd that year at the DCI world championships, one tenth apart.

Did you know that the 2000 designer Jeff Sacktig played soprano bugle while marching in the Garfield Cadets. He replaces Jon Vanderkolff, staff member 93-99, who also played soprano in the Garfield Cadets. The ironic part is they marched together in 1986 & 1987.

Did you know that Emerald Marquis flag instructor Peggy Twiggy was the inventor of "Peggy Spins". Peggy developed this spin which is used by the majority of color guards and drum corps during the 70's, and first taught it to the 27th Lancers. Peggy later taught it to the Garfield Cadets in the 80's when she was teaching there.

Did you know that 2000 Emerald Marquis member Rob Overvliet judged for WGI for 3 seasons before deciding to march after the recent rule change.

Did you know that in 1982, while attending their first WGI, the Emerald Marquis stayed at the corps hall of the Memphis Blues Brass Band Drum & Bugle Corps. This was done to save money as the guard went to Tennessee 3 days early to practice. Director Dale Powers had written the drill for the corps the previous summer.

Did you know that the 2000 Emerald Marquis had 5 members from New Jersey, and 4 from Indiana.

Did you know that the 1996 music used by the Emerald Marquis, "It's About Time" was written by staff member Jon Vanderkolff.

Did you know that in 1994 the Maroon curtains and props that the curtains hung on were made so that it could be dismantled and put under a bus. The designer went and measured the bus bay before he made the bases and poles so that the guard wouldn't have to rent a special truck. The curtains went in boxes that would were made to stack 2 high in the bus bay. Did you know that the 12 males selected for the 2000 guard is the second largest number of males to march in the guard during one season. The high is 14 in 1992.

Did you know that 2000 guard captain Lynn Plankis is only the second captain in the guards history to NOT have come from a catholic color guard. The other was Sharon Flattich (Nickerson) who came from the Hull High School Gold Guard in Hull, MA.

Did you know that the Emerald Marquis now practices where Erte' Productions practiced the one year they were in existence, the Wakefield Civic Center.

Did you know that new staff member Jeff Sacktig, who is replacing Jon Vanderkolff, marched WITH Jon in the Cadets soprano line.

Did you know that in 1991 the Emerald Marquis bought and used a floor for the first time at E-Mass circuit finals, 2 weeks before WGI. In the 2 years following the guard also brought out their floor late in the season. It gave the guard a look of growth during the season as the floor clarified stages.

Did you know that with the addition of Candace Taylor to the 1999 staff, that 10 former members of the Emerald marquis have returned to teach the guard after graduating.

Did you know that in 1987 the guard used real mirrors. During the sabre feature the sabre line turned around and faced the mirrors so the audience could watch the sabre feature in the mirrors that had come together to make a wall of mirrors.

Did you know that in 1982 & 1983 the Emerald Marquis use to put little plastic cocktail sabres on their hats in order to have authorized equipment visible. See the guard wore long capes, and was told that they needed "authorized equipment visible for all members". The rule was modified to "8 members need authorized equipment" shortly after.

Did you know that the youngest member to march with the Emerald Marquis was Tracy Campbell, who started marching in 1983 at the age of 11. Tracy performed with the guard for 6 years.

Did you know that the Emerald Marquis lets the members keep their uniform/costume every year. The only exception was 1988 when the green sequin jackets were passed on to the junior guard.

Did you know that 1999 age-out Rick Subel received a scholarship to attend Berkely school of music as a singer/ vocal perforance major. He joined the Emerald Marquis that same year, 1995.

Did you know that the Emerald Marquis never has their group picture taken until WGI Championships. This came about after the 1990 season when a member of the guard was replaced for personal reasons after the guard had their picture taken in Pensicola, FL. Director Dale Powers believes that only the members who perform at nationals (injuries excluded) should be in the guards picture.

Did you know that the 1999 Emerald Marquis' floor weighed 690 pounds. It was 60' x 90' 14oz vinal, but was painted with 9 gallons of ink.

Did you know that since 1993 the Emerald Marquis has had 7 members perform with the Star of Indiana Brass Theater

Did you know that emerald alum Lee Dellatre (94) has started her own dance company in New Orleans where she works as a geoscientist for Texaco. Lee also dances with the Komenko dance company that will be touring Hungry this summer.

Did you know that the Emerald Alumni Tony Smith (96 & 97) use to take a bus from Memphis, TN to camps because it was cheaper than flying. It would take him 36 hours each way. He said that way he could attend more camps.

Did you know that the 1999 Emerald Marquis graduated 9 members it to the alumni ranks, 3 rifles, 3 flags and 3 sabres.

Did you know that 1998 members Louis Hellinger and Monica Rocco marched WITH staff member Greg Lagola in the Sunrisers. He was the one who told them to come to the Emerald tryout weekend. The interesting things was the Monica had no idea who Greg was and when Greg returned to the corps to learn work, Monica told Louis she wasn't going to take her time to teach him flag work, and who is this Greg Lagola anyway.

Did you know that the flag silks used this year by the Emerald Marquis are painted with Floral spray paint.

Did you know that Emerald alumni Holly Davis (93) and Sue Lebreque (82-86) are both currently appearing in TV commercials. Holly in a commercial for Alka Seltzer and Sue in a commercial for UPN TV.

Did You Know that Emerald Staff member Jim Moore, in addition to performing with the Star of Indiana, is the guest principle male dancer with the Ballet Company of Georgia each December for their production of The Nutcracker. Jim danced with the company full time before moving to NY and then to Indiana for his present job with the Star of Indiana Brass Theater.

Did you know that the 1999 Emerald Marquis performed on the biggest floor ever made by Acme Canvas for a color guard. The floor size is 60' x 90'. Acme Canvas produced two floors this size for this season. One for Emerald and one for a guard in Japan. The reason for the large floor? More members than any other year in Emerald Marquis history.

Did you know that the Emerald Marquis has earned a medal at the WGI world championships for 9 consecutive years (91-98). No other guard has achieved that accomplishment, although State Street Review earned medals 8 times, 84-89 & 93-94.

Did you know that Greg Lagola, a staff member, won the Emerald Marquis Member of the year award at the guards award banquet in 1991. Director Dale Powers thought he showed exceptional dedication and support to the members of the guard during that season.

Did you know that guard manager Christa Ferguson ran the WGI regional for the Emerald Marquis on 10 occasions. Christa never had a member in the Emerald Marquis, although her daughter Kelly marched in the Emerald Marquis Jr.

Did you know that in 1994, on the way to the Ohio regional, the Emerald Marquis had 4 bus break downs and used 4 different buses in one trip. No, they were not drum corps buses, they were charter buses. That was the year of the maroon velvet curtains and the guard had to unload and load the giant props 4 times on the way to Ohio, a trip 16 hour trip that took 24 hours. The ride home was fine.

Did you know that The Emerald Marquis had a junior guard from 1984-1987, & 1990 - 1993. Nichole Prideaux was a member of the Emerald Marquis Juniors from 1991-1993 when the guard was disbanded. Nichole went on to march with Automation and in 1998 became the only member of the EM Jrs to move on to the Senior guard.
A picture of the 1993 Emerald Marquis Jrs. can be found on the EM-1993 page.

Did you know that former member Jim Gagne (91-93) now works at Disney world as a dancer during Disney parades, and appears in the Magic Kingdom as "Chip" of Chip & Dale.

Did you know that former member Rick Trusty now dances in the touring company of Broadway's West Side Story.

Did you know that Emerald Marquis was from Whitman, MA for 9 years, and that there has never been a member of the Emerald Marquis from Whitman, MA. Whitman was the town where director Dale Powers lived when he started the guard.

Did you know that instructor Denise Bonfiglio taught the Emerald Marquis in 1984 & 1985 before leaving to teach the NY Royal Guardsmen and her own guard, the 27th Lancers. She returned in 1990 and has been teaching the Emerald Marquis ever since.

Did you know that instructor/designer Jon Vanderkolff had never taught a winter guard before he was hired by director Dale Powers to teach the 1993 guard. The guard finished 2nd at WGI.

Did you know that in 1997, Claudia Villa was the first female to march in the Emerald Marquis rifle line since 1987, when the rifle line was 4 males and 4 females. After the 1987 season all 4 female rifles aged out, and only males auditioned for the 1988 rifle line

Did you know that the Emerald Marquis was the second guard to ever use wooden flag poles. The first was the West Bridgewater Wildcats, the 1980 WGI class "A" Champions, taught by Dale Powers before he started the Emerald Marquis.

Did you know that from 1982-1987, the Emerald Marquis would tape pennies on the straps of their rifles to create sound when they spun.

Did you know the 1999 Emerald Marquis had members who had marched in 14 different drum corps. Academie, Spartans, Blue Devils, Crossmen, Cadets, Boston, Bluecoats, Cavaliers, Star of Indiana, SCV, Carolina Crown, East Coast Jazz, Citations, and Blue Knights.

Did you know that the 1999 Emerald marched 17 vets, the largest amount of returning members since 1985, when 19 members returned from the 1984 season.

Did you know that director Dale Powers taught summer camps for Fred J. Miller Inc. in 1983. One of his students was Rosie Miller (no relation) of Cavalier and Pride fame. Rosie was a rifle with the St Rita's Ritanettes.

Did you know that the Emerald Marquis floor for the 1998 show was painted with silk screen ink. The ink, although more expensive, is absorbed into the vinyl and does not change the surface texture with paint build up.

Did you know that the Emerald Marquis took a weekend off in the middle of the season. Usually the first week of March, it has been a great mental health break for the staff and members. Although you would think this took a little of the edge away, everyone comes back refreshed and ready for the second half. The members however did things like go skiing, go to NY city, or go home and visit family.

Did You Know that at the 1998 Emerald Marquis awards banquet 5 members graduated into the Emerald Alumni association, bringing the number of GRADUATING alumni to over 100.

Did you know that in 1990 the Emerald Marquis marched their smallest guard, 20 members. 8 Flags, 6 Rifles, 6 Sabres.

Did you know that in 1983 the Emerald Marquis traveled to Dayton, OH in a school bus. The trip took 22 hours because they had to stop and fuel the bus every two hours.The members took out the a lot of the seats and put in bean bag chairs to try to make it more comfortable.

Did you know that there are six members of the 1998 guard that were in high school. The largest number of high school members since 1988.

Did you know that of the 26 members of the 1998 Emerald Marquis color guard, there were only 9 returning members from the 1997 guard. This was due in large part to the fact there were 9 graduating members in the 1997 guard.

Did you know that the 1998 Emerald Marquis guard had 9 members attending 9 different colleges...Suffolk, Emerson, Yale, Bershire Community, Mass Bay, U-Mass Lowell, Boston U., Bunker Hill Community, and Penn State.

Did you know that in 1982 & 1983, the Eastern Mass color guard circuit started competitions in November. This was stopped because most guards would do the previous years show while they learned their new one.

The name Emerald Marquis came from a combination of director Dale Powers two favorite drum corps in the late 70's. The Emerald Cadets of New Haven, CT and the Marquis Fond du Lac of Fond du Lac, WI.

Did you know that member Bridget Holleran named her cat after director Dale Powers. She calls the cat Dale Jr.

Did you know that 1998 member Claudia Villa commuted from Penn State Erie, in Erie PA to Wakefield MA every weekend (9 hours) to compete with the guard. In addition to Claudia (our longest commuter) members Louis Hellinger, Tracy Yaroshewich, and Monica Rocco commuted from New Jersey (5 hours) each weekend

The Emerald Marquis have had members from 21 different states, and three countries during their 18 years exsistance. Besides the US and Canada, David Arnold (pictured above) of England marched in the Emerald Marquis flag line in 1985.

Did you know that as a fund raiser in the mid 80's, the Emerald Marquis' members use to rake leaves. The guard would go in mass to an amusement park and get paid $3.00 per hr, per person.

Did you know that the Emerald Marquis has had male members every year except one...1983

Did you know that Director Dale Powers and staff members Jon Vanderkolff and Jim Moore all started their drum corps careers as soprano players. Dale with the 27th Lancers, Jon with the Kavaliers and Garfield Cadets, and Jim with the Spirit Of Atlanta (he switched to the guard real quick).

Did you know that the Emerald Marquis have had only 9 guard captain's in their 20 year exsistance? Susan Hawes, Sharon Flattich, Michelle McQueen, Freddie Bateman, Erika Holland, Joanne Doherty, Karen Duggan, Lynn Plankis and Louis Hellinger.

Did you know the 1998 Emerald Marquis had members from 13 different drum corps. The Blue Devils, Cadets, Blue Coats, Academe', Raiders of Bayonne, East Coast Jazz, Boston Crusaders, Magic, Blue Knights, Star of Indiana, Sunrisers, and Phantom Regiment?

The Emerald Marquis has won 27 WGI regional titles in the following locations. New England, NJ, Rochester & Syracuse NY, Long Island, NY, Virginia, California, Ohio, PA, and Montreal Canada. The Emerald Marquis has attended two regionals they have never won. Pensicola, FL (1990 & 1993) and Portland, OR (1997).

Did you know that only four of Emerald's captains, Sharon Flattich, did not come from a catholic organization. Sue Hawes and Michelle MacQueen came from the St. Francis Sancianettes, Freddie Bateman came from St. Anthony's in Revere, Erika Holland from St. Margaret's of Dorchester, and Joanne Doherty from St. Ann's of Neponset. 1999 captain Karen Duggan came from St. Theresa of Everett.

Did you know that current staff member Carol Abohatab was taught by current staff member Denise Bonfiglio in the 27th Lancers, and then Carol taught current staff member Jim Moore in State Street Review. Finally, Jim taught staff member Michael McNulty as a member of Emerald Marquis.

Did you know that former members Michael McNulty, Chris Garcia, Bobby Noseworthy and Sara Maranowitz all taught in Holland as a result of performing with Emerald Marquis. Each got this great opportunity to see Europe when the Emerald Marquis was contacted on three occasions to provide instructors to guard units in Holland.

Did you know that in March of 1993, at the WGI Downingtown, PA regional, the Emerald Marquis scored an 86.9 and failed to make the block for the first time in their history. At the WGI Champioships two weeks later the guard scored a 96.2 and finished 2nd to the San Jose Raiders.

Did you know that in 1988 the Emerald Marquis was one of 5 Eastern Mass World Guards that finished in WGI finals. The other top 10 finishers from EMass were: Blessed Sac, 27th Lancers, Adonis, and St. Anthony's Imperials.

Did you know that only once, in September of 1991 for the 1992 season, has there been more than 30 people at the Emerald Marquis audition camp.

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