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Email to: Dale Powers

Well, it's over. The season had a wonderful ending. The guard performed very well in Milwaukee and was the crowd favorite. It was a wonderful weekend. Many of our alumni that were in Milwaukee went out on retreat with the guard and was able to "feel" the audiences reaction to the guard. It was special to have Ernie say what he did, and I'm glad many of the alumni were able to experience it with the guard. Thank you Ernie and thank you WGI for letting him express his, and many other peoples feelings. This web page will stay active for a couple of years to let people browse around and read about our deep and rich history. Special thanks to Christa Ferguson and Phil Dennison for all their help running our shows and making my life a little easier this year. It has been a wonderful 20 years and as I said at the banquet: I want people to look back and smile as we think about this incredible journey we have been on, and how we have impacted this wonderful activity.


Dale is the founder and director of the Emerald Marquis color guard. As the staff coordinator and one of the designers, Dale is the primary sabre tech as well as being responsible for the coordination of the staff and program for the Emerald Marquis. Dale is a graduate of Northeastern University and works as a compliance examiner for a large Toronto-based insurance company.

Emerald Marquis, 1981-2001
East Coast Jazz Drum & Bugle Corps, 1993-1997
27th Lances Drum & Bugle Corps
Sky Ryders Drum & Bugle Corps
Member Mass. Judges Assoc.
Maine Band Directors Assoc.